The Blackbird Academy Vs. A 4-Year University: A Frank Discussion

How I Started

John McBride here. I come from a family that feels strongly about getting a college education. Both my parents were college graduates, my..


A Day in the Classroom

Watch these videos to check out what a day in The Blackbird Academy classroom is really like!


Traits of a Successful Audio Engineer

Working in audio isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by it. Sure, it takes hard work, consistency, determination, luck, and..


How to Find Studio Work

There isn't any one way to get studio work, but there are typical paths and ways to maximize your chances. Finding studio work can be separated into..


What to Consider When Recording Bass Guitar

Bass guitar recording is an important skill. The bass provides the harmonic foundation for the music, and helps form the rhythmic pulse. It can..