Fundamentals of Live Mixing

When it comes to successful and great sounding live mixes, it is important to remember that the name of the game is “sound reinforcement”. So what does..


Outside the Box Inside the Room: Using Reverb in Your Live Mixes

There are many things that make it difficult to attend a concert when you are a live sound engineer. Maybe it's the lights are to bright, maybe the PA..


The Blackbird Academy Vs. A 4-Year University: A Frank Discussion

How I Started

John McBride here. I come from a family that feels strongly about getting a college education. Both my parents were college graduates, my..


A Day in the Classroom

Watch these videos to check out what a day in The Blackbird Academy classroom is really like!


5 Reasons to Attend Audio Engineering Schools


When it comes to getting better at audio engineering, you have a multitude of options — mentoring, apprenticeships, four-year universities, audio..