Top-Ranked in Music Recording Technology & Audio Design


The Blackbird Academy is so honored to be named in College Magazine's Top 10 Schools for Music Recording Technology & Audio Design!

We have definitely climbed this ladder very quickly and are so proud of all of our staff and graduates for helping us reach this level.

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We're accepting applications!

If you are interested in audio engineering, we would love to have you join us here in the near future! We are currently taking applications for both our Live Sound and Studio Engineering Programs for the April 10thJuly 10th, & October 2nd 2017 start dates.   

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To get an idea of what our classrooms are like, click here. 

To hear a discussion of The Blackbird Academy vs. a 4-year university, click here. 

Feel free to give me a call (615-385-2423) or email ( anytime for more information, I would love to speak to you and answer any questions you may have!

And let me know when you will be in the area! I would be happy to set up a tour of our facilities. 

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Carma Dicianni

Written by Carma Dicianni

Carma DiCianni has been in the education and music industries for over 20 years. While in the music industry she has worked in recording studios, tour management and as a professional event/concert photographer. Carma has worked with artists/bands including Bon Jovi, Stone Temple Pilots, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt and many more. Carma believes that education is an essential part of life. She has taught at the high school, university and corporate levels. Carma has degrees in Education, Audio Engineering and Entertainment Business.