Pro Tools' Useful Clip FX Feature

Pro Tools' Useful Clip FX Feature

One of the best new features in Pro Tools HD 12.6 are the new Clip FX functions. Unlike other DAWs that put a channel strip on each channel in a session, the new Clip FX works at the clip level.

What’s a clip?

A clip is each piece of audio on the horizontal axis of the Edit window in Pro Tools (see image below).  Pro Tools' Useful Clip FX Feature

Clip-based processing from the new Clip FX update has many upsides:

1. The clip FX does not require additional delay compensation above what the system already has buffered. 


What does this mean? 

Clip FX processing has no latency and may be used in a session with live players. However, keep in mind that Clip FX can only be used on previously recorded clips – it can’t be used on new clips as they are being recorded. 
Unlike a plug-in on a channel, Clip FX processing may be applied to each clip on the timeline, on all tracks, in real time. This is an astounding amount of processing available in a session and is right at your fingertips at the top of the edit window.

Why is this better?

Because you don’t have to instantiate a plug-in on the channel or render an AudioSuite plug-in, using Clip FX will save time when applying EQ and/or Compression in a session.

You can see how easy this is in the quick demonstration video below:



2. Clip FX features a compressor, EQ, and filters – for now.

Avid has released a software developer kit so third-party developers can port their own processing to the feature.


Click here to learn about EQing vocals!


What does this mean?

Clip FX will grow in capability as more companies jump onboard.


3. The Clip FX processing applied in Pro Tools HD still works if you open the session in Pro Tools 12.6 (non-HD.)

Clip FX processing applied in Pro Tools HD still works if you open the session in Pro Tools 12.6 (non-HD.) Although you won’t have the slick Clip FX interface in a standard Pro Tools session (non-HD), you can choose to keep, or not use the processing on a Non-HD system (12.6). 


What does this mean?

Although you can’t apply Clip FX in Pro Tools non-HD 12.6 and up, you can still opt-in, or out of the Clip FX processing created in a Pro Tools HD session.

Now go check it out for yourself! 

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Kevin Becka

Written by Kevin Becka

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