Recording the Acoustic Guitar




It Starts with the Source

Capturing a great acoustic guitar recording all starts with the source. Even the greatest mic and signal chain will not..


Pro Tools' Useful Clip FX Feature

One of the best new features in Pro Tools HD 12.6 are the new Clip FX functions. Unlike other DAWs that put a channel strip on each channel in a..


Recording Piano 101

Greetings from Blackbird Studio and The Blackbird Academy!

The acoustic piano is one of the most wonderful instruments we get the pleasure to record...


Outside the Box Inside the Room: Using Reverb in Your Live Mixes

There are many things that make it difficult to attend a concert when you are a live sound engineer. Maybe it's the lights are to bright, maybe the PA..


Essential Studio Gear


When talking about essential studio gear, most people want to talk about microphones, mic pre's, eq and compression. Each one of those could warrant..