Don’t Let Setups Overwhelm You

"It's all just wire."

 Eight years ago I stepped into what was the start of my audio career.  I was beginning my internship at Blackbird Studio.  Not really knowing what I was getting into at the time, I was nervous.  Luckily I've had some amazing teachers along the way.  The one thing that has stuck with me from those early days is a quote from one of those teachers, Jeremy Cottrell. On just the second day of my internship I was working the evening shift from 4pm until, who knows… We were setting up a tracking session, and it was all feeling a little overwhelming, he took us aside and said, "Remember…it's all just wire."   After that sunk in, I really started looking at things on a more simple level.  Getting down to the basics of most technological components is either a literal, or a metaphorical wire.  The latter in the form of ethernet switches and microprocessors.  So when the confusion of setting up your first hits, just "remember…it's all just wire". 

Examples of our recent wiring and one U67 beauty shot are above.

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Carma Dicianni

Written by Carma Dicianni

Carma DiCianni has been in the education and music industries for over 20 years. While in the music industry she has worked in recording studios, tour management and as a professional event/concert photographer. Carma has worked with artists/bands including Bon Jovi, Stone Temple Pilots, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt and many more. Carma believes that education is an essential part of life. She has taught at the high school, university and corporate levels. Carma has degrees in Education, Audio Engineering and Entertainment Business.