A Day in the Classroom

Watch these videos to check out what a day in The Blackbird Academy classroom is really like!

This is a video showing students mixing at the Riverdays Festival in Portsmouth, OH! Graduate Collin Erdman is seen mixing monitors, graduate Kaleb Luebchow is on drums, our own live professor Kyle Welch is rocking stage left guitar, and current academy students were running backline tech.

This a video of the students mixing at the Riverdays Festival with graduate Collin Erdman mixing monitors, graduate Kaleb Luebchow on drums, live professor Kyle Welch rocking guitar, and current academy students running backline tech!


Here's a short look at a normal day in the classroom!

Students were recently treated to a visit from Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Neumann, who took the classes through the history of Neumann including their past, present, and future technology. Here Fraissinet shows the renovation of Neumann HQ in Berlin which is housed in a building bombed during WWII. Prior to the presentation, Wolfgang took a tour of Blackbird Studio, which has one of the largest collection of vintage Neumann microphones in the world.

It's always a pleasure having Steve Marcantonio (Hunter Hayes, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson) and David Thoener (Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie) chat with students about their long careers.

Every day is different, and every day offers a multitude of opportunities to learn! 

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Carma Dicianni

Written by Carma Dicianni

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